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£££ = "If its Gold,Silver,Platinum We buy it"

We have researched our frequently asked questions and put together a selection which we hope will re-assure you that you can trust us to give you excellent service and the very best price.

If you have any other questions please Contact us or you can call us on 0800 170 1840, Monday to Friday, 11:00am to 4:30pm where our friendly Expert will be happy to help you. – It is our companies policy that any messages are dealt with promptly.


What makes DB Gold better than other gold buying companies? 2016-12-01T12:47:44+00:00

What makes DB Gold better is that we have been in the business since 1840. We have built up a good reputation. This was done by respecting our customers by ALWAYS giving correct genuine offers and a good service. We never have any dubious hidden costs or charges. We have always allowed our customers to receive as much as possible in ‘their pockets’. D B Gold is able to boast an exemplary track record and we are always totally transparent. We are not prepared ever to be beaten on any other genuine proven offers. We will always endeavour to exceed them.

How safe is it to send valuable items in the post? 2016-12-01T12:45:36+00:00

It is safe to send valuable items in the post. This is where you are using the Royal Mail. BUT we ask you to insure your items for £500 minimum. If you believe your items to be worth more than that amount, please take out additional insurance under the guidance of the Post Office. This way you can feel comfortable that if, on the rare occasion, your parcel goes missing then you are covered.

We also ask you to send your items using only Royal Mail Special Delivery – see T&Cs and keep your proof of postage. This means that you can track your items right the way through the system up to when we receive and sign for the parcel. We will then send you an acknowledgment of receipt through your preferred method (text, email or telephone call) as stated on the form you enclosed with your parcel.

Why don’t you provide a pack to send out valuables like other companies similar to you? 2016-12-01T12:42:09+00:00

We don’t send out packs/kits to you because we don’t want to charge you anything extra or deduct the cost of these packs from any offers. Therefore we are able to avoid any additional extras. This is another reason why people choose us. This is because they trust us with no other “hidden” charges.

I want to send some of my jewellery and other valuables to you – what can I send please? 2016-12-01T12:40:00+00:00

In answer to “what can I send“. We will value all of your gold, silver and platinum, jewellery and watches. This is even if they are damaged or broken, hallmarked or not, regardless of condition. We also want to buy quality, select branded watches that are not necessarily precious metals. This is so long as these watches are accompanied with appropriate paperwork/box and can be suitable for re-sale. We will then give you our “highest” market prices. Please also see our elite buying service.

If you have any un-hallmarked items we check each piece using our fail-safe methods free of charge. This is to identify whether or not they are precious metal. We also examine gemstones and will always give you our very best price. Anything sent to us that has NO precious metal in it will be sent back to you (subject to a small handling fee – see T&Cs). If you accept our offer, we promise you a full refund on all postage charges.

Please do not knowingly send us any hazardous metals/materials.
Please note we do not buy costume jewellery, fake, plated, clad or micron.

How will I know when you have received my items/valuables? 2016-12-01T12:36:41+00:00

This is how your mind can be put at rest to your worry about “How will I know when you have received my items/valuables?”. While your parcel is in transit, you can track it using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. This will show you where it is at every step of the way. Once your parcel has arrived safely at our office we will send you an “acknowledgment of receipt”. This will be done through your preferred method, as stated on the form you enclosed with your items. This will be through a text, email or telephone call.

Why don’t you only use scales and calculators to value gold and jewellery? 2016-12-01T12:31:48+00:00

You will get from us the best way to value gold and jewellery. We’ve been providing this service to customers for 175 years. We truly believe that by using an Expert for valuation you will ALWAYS get a better value. A value more than by just using a calculator. Our Team of Experts values each piece individually, for weight, content and carat and resale consideration of your items. This works solely for your financial benefit.

I have lots of gold and jewellery which doesn’t seem to have a hallmark, is it real? 2016-12-01T12:26:58+00:00

Don’t worry if your jewellery does not seem to have a hallmark; we test all un-hallmarked gold to see if there is any precious content free of charge. If there is, of course we will value it for you and let you know the worth. We must advise you that when testing unmarked gold, there will be a mark/damage left on the item tested. Certain items may require further investigation. This examination can possibly effect the value of your gold if you wish to sell it elsewhere.

If there is no precious content in your items then we will return the parcel to you with a small handling charge. However, if any of the items you send us in one package has a precious metal content and you decide want the parcel returned, we will not charge you.

What happens if the jewellery I send to you has gemstones in the setting? 2016-12-01T12:25:12+00:00

If the the jewellery we receive has gemstones in the setting and it is re-saleable then we will gladly give you the best price for it.

How will I receive my money? 2016-12-01T12:22:50+00:00

Do not worry about “how will I receive my money“. We will send you your money however you would like to receive it and you do not need to have a UK bank account to use Dawson & Briant’s service.

• Cash*
• Cheque
• Paypal
• Bank Transfer

*please note that cash will require a small administration fee of £10.00